Paul’s review of team blog progress: Saturday at 11pm

Some progress by a couple of teams, but mostly, there is simply not enough activity – Iain’s recent posts give excellent guidance and direction. You need to get out of the building and talk to people and then report it, via your blog. Summary of what I can see now, below.

-3D bio-printer. Last post, Jan 22 – list of events to visit. Lacks specific names of prospective customers to interview, and no evidence of any interviewing.

-Axon concussion. Several entries relating to actual interviews and learning. Good! But you make rather general descriptions of what you did. Please be specific. What questions did you ask? What answers did you get? What can you infer from what was not said? What stimuli did you use? Sketches etc? Detail is good.

-Dragonfly water testing: can still not access blog – please fix this immediately. No content = no progress.

eFarmony: good to make your first interview – Jan 25. But you do not provide specifics. What were the good ideas and useful comments? Capture the learning. Don’t just say that there was learning!


-Foosler: no entries since Jan 20th. No interviews. Nine days done, only 5 until we next meet. You should be doing daily interviews and blog posts.

-Zenith wind power: some good activity documented. Five posts on Jan 26th including lists of people to interview and some learnings from interviews causing revised canvas. This is good. Keep going. There is still a lot that you need to discover to get focus but this is the right type of work. Remote communities: pick up the phone. 

-LLL: still cannot access site: please fix this immediately.

-Achievement Builder: as requested repeatedly – please create a WP blog and post the interview findings and how these impact your hypotheses.




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