Challenging educators to rethink what it means to “teach” entrepreneurship.
Question what you do and why you do it – be prepared to blow up the curriculum. I attended Steve Blank’s first LLP educators’ workshop in Aug 2012 and am busily endeavouring to put it into practice, in parts in existing undergraduate, graduate and executive courses, but most notably, in full, in a university-wide non-credit workshop series, run on 4 half-days over 2 months. We started with 10 teams, have 8 left at half-way and it is working – teams are getting out of the building and finding out facts that cause them to pivot early. It’s liberating and powerful. My plan is to formalize LLP language and principles across programs.

Steve Blank

In 2012, in partnership with Stanford UniversityU.C. Berkeley and NCIIAJerry Engel and I first offered the Lean LaunchPad Educators Class. The class was designed to teach educators (and the adjunct entrepreneurs that support them) the Lean LaunchPad approach (Business Model Design, Customer Development and Agile Engineering) for teaching entrepreneurship. In addition the class offers a suggested “Lean Entrepreneurship” curriculum and the details of how to teach the capstone Lean LaunchPad class.

Matthew Terrell attended our latest Lean LaunchPad Educators Class. Matthew is an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Delaware where he teaches Introduction to Entrepreneurship in course called Entrepreneurs Experience.

He’s the Founder of Vision Creations & Founders Films. Matt asked some of the toughest questions in the class.

Matthew Terrell


I came to the Lean LaunchPad Educators Program 2 ½ day workshop to learn from the best in the business of…

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